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Hello Curlfriend

Free yourself from frustation, your best curls start here.


I See You

Are you curl confused? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? You are not alone! As a curly girl and a mom of a curly girl, I understand just how frustrating it can be to not know what to do...what to use...who to see...


You have bought and tried it all, and after investing a ton of money in product, you still don't get the results you are looking for.

You have searched and tried every internet styling trick, and still don't know what to do.

You feel bombarded with too much curly information, conflicting information, and misinformation.

You have had someone say they understand curls and have ended up seriously let down...and maybe even a little traumatized.

You have left the salon and had to restyle because it was done the stylist's way, not your way...or maybe you loved how it was styled...but have no clue how to recreate that at home on your own.

Your Curl Place

It doesn't have to be that way. If you are ready to partner with someone who truly understands curls and can help you to finally achieve the results you are looking for, you have come to the right place. 

My goal is to help you kill the overwhelm and gain curl confidence by finding real solutions for your frustrations. Join me in my curly classroom, designed with you in mind. Enjoy an atmosphere of elevated comfort built for learning, privacy, communication and connection.


The Curl Suite Signature Method is the solution to your frustration, and the pathway to your best, most confident curls. The method addresses the 3 key needs of every curly girl: a customized cut that supports and showcases your unique curls, comprehensive care education to transform the health of your hair, and hands-on style training so you can build your curl literacy, so that you know what to use and what to do to achieve your best curls everyday...and frustration-free! 

The Curl Suite Signature Method


Custom Curly Cut

Your curls are different, and need to be cut differently!

Treating curls like straight hair or treating every curly head the same by only offering one branded cutting technique results in uneven shape, too much shrink, frizz, and is likely the cause of most of your frustration.


The Curl Suite Signature Curly Cut is custom crafted to honor your unique curls and is tailored to offer shape, volume, definition and control just where you want it, to maximize your full curl potential. 


Curl Care Education

Your curls are different, and need to be treated differently!

Not the same as your curly haired neighbor, the blogger online, or what the manufacturer trying to sell you product wants you to believe.

The method focuses on building your curl literacy through teaching by seeing, feeling and hearing your curls - so that you learn the importance of ingredients, how to care for your unique head of hair, and master knowing how to read what your hair needs. 


Hands-On Styling Course

Your curls are different, and need to be handled differently!

Online tutorials and the newest trending tricks only take you so far, and often leave you right back where you started, frustrated and overwhelmed.


The Curl Suite Signature Hands-On Course meets you where you are at, working with what works for you currently, fixing what is broken, and clarifying what is confusing - creating the foundation for you to grow in your confidence of styling your own hair. 


The Curl Discovery Session

Discover and make peace with your curls. 

All new guests start their curly journey with me here. Session utilizes The Curl Suite Signature Method to help you achieve your best, frustration-free curls. Session includes:


Curl Assessment

Custom Curly Cut

Comprehensive Care Education

Cleanse + Hydration

Detox Treatment 

Hands-on Styling Course

Finished Style

You will leave your visit with a Custom Curl Guide with your specific recommendations and instructions to help guide you along as you recreate your best curls daily.

This service is ideal for you if you are looking to embrace your curls in their natural state. Plan on spending approximately 2 - 2.5 hours at this initial appointment. 


Fresh Curls

Maintenance services for established guests.

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Curly Cut

Custom curly cut for the established guest who is looking for a new shape, more than a trim, or wants a refresher course on their care and styling routine. Includes cut, cleanse, hydration, and diffused style. Curl coaching or treatments may be added on, at an additional cost.



Curly Express Cut

Custom curly cut for the established guest who is maintaining their shape, confident in their curly routine, and who had their last curly cut within the past 4 months or less. Includes curly cut and dry style refresh.


Does not include style or coaching.



Color & Curl Lights

Gray maintenance or dimensional color for the established curly guest. Includes your choice of root retouch, gloss, custom partial or full head highlight. Finished with the curly cut of your choice, priced separately.

Pricing varies based on the color services needed to achieve your goal. 

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